Why a Local Church Bible College?

Local Church Bible CollegeEvery church should have its own Local Church Bible College or ministry training centre. While few would argue, the issues are how do you set it up, who will run it, and will it be recognised?

Vision has provided a solution to these issues for 50 years.

Now the churches are opening again; the need is greater than ever.

To study the Word. We know the need to study; the issue is what and how. Vision Colleges provides solutions to the problem. With over 100 self-contained subjects in our curriculum, you select the topic to meet the needs of your people.

Biblical Theology. We use Biblical Theology rather than systematic theology to address issues and topics.

Non-denominational. We are free of denominational influence and more attractive to both independent and denominational churches.

International.  More than 150,000 students around the world are currently studying through our network every year.

Personal development. Not everyone wants to be a minister, but many want a better understanding of the Word. Bible College is an excellent complement to the church’s teaching program and Sunday service.

Bible college brings cohesiveness to the church. Studying a subject together in class, from home, or with friends helps to unify the church. Even those who cannot meet together benefit from studying the subject at home. The church learns and grows together.

Ministry training. For those who seek ministry training, where better to learn than in their own church? Who better to teach than the ministry team that knows them, their own pastors with actual ministry experience?

Develop the church staff and ministry team and prepare and qualify them for personal growth and church service.

Awards offered. Students can earn from a certificate to a bachelor’s degree through your local church college.

Audit option. For students who want to learn but do not want to do an exam.

To “ an answer for the hope that lies within”. The structure and discipline of learning enhance our ability to explain what we believe, enabling us to address issues more broadly and thoroughly and help us to win the world.

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Rev Dr Ken Chant speaks to the reasons he started Vision Colleges

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