Are you looking to dive deeper into the Word of God, but don’t want to attend a physical classroom? There are so many ways to study the Bible these days. If you have an Internet connection and a computer, tablet or phone, there are probably plenty of free online resources for you to study the Bible. Here are some resources that can help you study the Bible online:

You can read and study the bible online on:

  • Christian websites or blogs
  • Christian podcasts
  • YouTube
  • Social media platforms

Bible Project Videos

Nonprofit organization Bibleproject creates short, fully animated films.The goal of BibleProject, a crowdfunded media production initiative, is to help people all over the world encounter the Bible as a unified story that leads them to Jesus. Because they rely on the support of sponsors and donors, all of their content is provided at no cost to the user. Most of the time, the conversations in their videos are abridged from longer ones. You’re invited to explore biblical theology in all their videos with Tim and Jon. Its explainer videos set it apart as the most watched channel on YouTube and make it an excellent example of modern methods of digital communication. There are more than 3.25 million people subscribed to the BibleProject YouTube channel as of August 2022 and the channel has had more than 308 million views.

Bible Gateway

Whether you’re a lay leader looking to improve your Bible study or a seasoned pastor seeking assistance in sermon preparation, Bible Gateway is what you need. With Bible Gateway, you have access to the Bible in more than 200 translations and 70 languages, all of which are fully searchable and available for your perusal and study at no cost. Bible Gateway provides you with the tools you need to read the Bible and understand it, including a mobile app and an audio Bible library. You can also access devotionals and newsletters that can help you explore the Bible.

Crossway Blog

Thanks be to God, Crossway is a non-profit Christian ministry whose sole mission is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through the medium of publishing. To God’s glory, they want people to grasp the far-reaching effects the Word of God has on every aspect of life. You can find a variety of Bibles, books, articles and tracks here.

Truth for Life Podcast

Alistair Begg’s ministry, Truth For Life, is dedicated to teaching the Bible. Our goal as a ministry is to make God’s Word understandable and applicable to people of all backgrounds and ages so that lost people can be won to Christ, new believers can be grounded in their faith, and existing churches can be fortified. Truth For Life holds to and preaches the Gospels, which proclaim that God made humans in His image so that they might have a personal, covenantal relationship with Him. But everyone has turned their backs on God and refused to build a relationship with him. But because of God’s great mercy, Jesus Christ was sacrificed on the cross to take on the weight of our sins and put us back in right standing with God. That the message would reach the hearts and minds of those who have yet to accept it is a primary goal of these people.

Here are a few of our other favorites:

  1. Logos – You can download the complete New International Version Bible for free from this website and access its other great features like “Logos Quiz,” which tests you with trivia about God’s Word and includes Scripture references and commentary from popular pastors and teachers.
  2. G-Apps – Find tons of mobile applications here that allow you to read Scripture offline on your phone so that it will always be close at hand when inspiration strikes.
  3. The Great Courses – The Great Courses is a video learning company that offers instruction in many different fields, including Bible studies. Learn more about these courses by clicking view all at the top of their homepage and scrolling down until you find what interests you.
  4. Kregel Publications – These publications include not only e-books but also audiobooks and DVDs designed to help you grow in knowledge of God’s Word as well as provide helpful guidance through life’s challenges. 
  5. Navigators – Although originally designed for children, the Navigators’ website has grown into one of the most reliable sources of Christian information online. From Sunday school lessons to curriculum packs and articles on scripture passages, this site has everything you need to explore and deepen your faith. 
  6. Christian Classics Ethereal Library – You’ll find nearly 2,000 free texts, some dating back as far as A.D. 1200, including works by John Bunyan, St. Augustine of Hippo, Charles Spurgeon and others who were Christians before Christianity was cool! 
  7. Faithlife Corporation – We love Faithlife because they offer over 3,000 articles, videos, podcasts and other media types from pastors and experts on topics like theology, spirituality, missions and theology. 
  8. Sermon Central – If you’re looking for something uplifting to listen to during those quiet moments between classes or tasks around the house, then Sermon Central is where you should go first. Featuring speakers from multiple denominations and churches across the world, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs. 
  9. Patheos – With Patheos, you can take part in discussions about any topic imaginable, such as evolution vs. creationism, biblical law vs. civil law or whether we are saved by grace alone or also good deeds done out of love for God.

Summing Up

Many online platforms offer interactive study guides and video lectures to help you understand the Bible. You can find a huge selection of digital Bibles and other tools that you can read online and download on your computer if you prefer. These sites offer free Bible studies with interactive questions or videos that go over different themes from the Bible. Some websites also have free e-books with verses broken up by topic so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for when studying a specific topic within Scripture.