Study Theology Online

Gain a Qualification When You Study Theology Online

You can study theology online from any location and enjoy the benefits of gaining access to quality courses, recognised qualifications, and a flexible training timetable with our selection of courses. We offer a wide range of programmes, including recognised, accredited, pastoral enrichment programmes, and degree studies, so that you can select the ideal Christian online courses to suit your requirements. Whether you desire to gain more of an understanding of Christian doctrine as a personal achievement or wish to use your qualification for ministry work, you can select relevant subjects and tailor a course to suit your goals.

Benefits of Studying at Our Theology Colleges

You can grow in your faith, study the Bible, and work with our flexible online Christian studies.

  • You can study theology online in Australia without leaving your home or ministry: We offer comprehensive programmes online so that you can study while working in the ministry, helping at your local church, or living at home. We eliminate the cost of travel, moving to campus, and paying full course fees upfront with our flexible plans. Our distance learning means that you can work and study at your pace, complete assignments digitally, and then submit via email for grading.
  • We continually develop our curriculum: With a vast number of students worldwide, we are continually developing our curriculum to ensure that we meet the needs of everyone. From gaining a certificate to enriching pastors or achieving a doctoral degree, our extensive experience and more than 50 years of operation mean that we can offer a wide range of Christian subjects to meet various students’ requirements. We collaborate with Vision International University and the Texas University of Theology to deliver Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. This partnership ensures that students can seamlessly continue their studies in theology through online courses without changing schools.
  • We offer affordable payment options: Our affordable study options have no term fees, hidden costs or contracts. You pay for your course per subject, making it easier and more cost-effective to study and work simultaneously. Our online study method also ensures that you can take a break without a cost penalty and then resume your course at a time that suits you.

We have students and graduates worldwide working in various ministry areas, including worship leading, missionary, preaching, church planting, and lay ministry.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Bible Theology Courses

Our unique range of ministry courses caters to many people, from those in full-time ministry to others wanting to learn more about the Bible

  • Recognised studies: Whether you’re working in professional or lay ministry, our recognised studies are ideal if you want to study the Word of God for personal development. You can increase your knowledge and understanding of the Bible and God’s principles through our recognised studies and you can select subjects that interest you the most. As we structure this course with a credit system, you only need to complete ten subjects to receive a Certificate in Biblical Studies, or you can continue gaining credits to work towards achieving a Diploma in Ministry or Theology.
  • Accredited studies: We understand that some denominations require accredited studies which is why we have study options with ASQA. This course is ideal if you desire formal ministry training, require government support, or want workplace skills training to complement your Bible college education. We offer two study streams in the form of Theology and Practical Electives.
  • Degree studies: You can obtain a degree, Master’s or Doctorate in Theological Studies or Ministry through our advanced study programme. You can tailor our affordable course to your ministry requirements. It is most suitable if you want to fulfil your calling through a degree, finish a Bachelor’s degree, or receive advanced training for ministry purposes.

We also provide pastoral enrichment studies, which can equip pastors, elders, and church leaders with practical skills so that they can offer better support and counselling in various areas such as parenting, marriage, family, and more.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Online Theology Courses

We deliver reliable theological education and academic studies to individual students and churches while leaving the practical training to local pastors.

  • We provide a comprehensive distance learning education: You can study towards a recognised or accredited qualification that suits your requirements. We offer short-term studies such as a Certificate in Christian Ministry and Theology with accreditation through ASQA and long-term courses including Master’s and Doctoral degrees which you can gain through our partnership with the Texas University of Theology. You can tailor all our courses to suit your interests and study requirements.
  • We are an independent, non-denominational college: While we exude Pentecostal enthusiasm, our college is independent and non-denominational, making our courses ideal for a wide range of students and churches. We have taught more than 150 000 students from around the world from diverse backgrounds and from various denominations. We have also assisted numerous churches in establishing a Local Church Bible College through which they can also empower and equip their members in various ministry roles.
  • We provide internationally-recognised training: Our course flexibility and students’ ability to select their ideal study options means that you can have confidence in our programmes. Our partnership with other colleges and study institutes ensures that you can gain an internationally-recognised qualification. We continually develop our courses to ensure that our training remains relevant to modern times and issues yet ensuring that it still lines up with Biblical scripture and has a sound theological foundation.

We assist students in building their faith, growing in their relationship with God, learning the principles of sound interpretation, and understanding how to research biblical truth and apply it to life.

Why Choose Vision Colleges Regarding Online Theology Courses in Australia?

We provide flexible learning programmes in Christian ministry and theology for more than 50 years. Our options include recognised and accredited courses, and we commit to covering a vast range of Christian disciplines so that our students can select the subjects that best suit their requirements. You can readily access our theology study online and work at your pace from home or while working. We provide every student with exceptional distance learning support so that you can get the most value out of your studies. Our courses are a cost-effective way to study as you pay per subject and there is no deadline to complete your studies. Contact us to request more information or to enrol in a theology course online.