Study From Your Place At Your Pace

Today, more than ever, Christians need to study and understand the word of God.  Taking the time to do so in a busy world with so many competing priorities makes it difficult for all of us.  Vision Colleges provides solutions to these problems with options to study from your place at your pace.  See what our student body has said over the years about the Vision Colleges programmes.

recognised Studies not accredited Vision Colleges Bible StudyI can study where I want to.  I do not have to attend class, which takes up travelling time and cuts into family time.  The Vision Colleges programme allows me to learn at home, in the library, or wherever I am comfortable learning.

Develops my character, almost all study has an element of character development as a part of the study, implied or deliberately a part of the program.  The study of God’s word does more to develop character than any other subject I know of.  It impacts me and my ministry, and this word reaches out to all I contact.  The study of the Bible, by its very nature, changes the student for the better.

I learn when it is best for me, time to study is a problem.  With work, family, friends, commitments, and competing priorities, it is such as blessing to be able to study in a time frame that is best for me.  I can put time and effort into my study and get more out of them.

I select subjects to meet my study needs.  Vision Colleges’ process of allowing us to choose the topics we need to study strikes a chord for me.  Instead of wading through a curriculum, I can go to the issues I need to address.  I can tailor the program to suit my ministry needs or even address a problem I have to deal with in real-time.

I can take time to learn and discern God’s word for my life.  The time frame is beneficial.  Vision Colleges recommend you complete a subject in a month, but if it takes longer, it is ok.  Stuff happens, and we can get distracted; life is not always a simple process, and the flexible time frame takes away some of the pressure.

Study from your place atg your paceDevelops my Biblical worldview.  My Biblical worldview has developed so well since I joined Vision Colleges.  The fact that almost all of the subjects are topical gives a biblical worldview from nearly every topic.

I can pay as I go.  Vision College has the most flexible payment options.  You can, if you wish, pay up-front, but that is too much for most, even though the fees are modest.  You can pay as you go, one subject at a time, and they even allow you to set up your payment plan.

I do not have to give up work or family time to be in class.  This is so good; learning from home means I do not have to sacrifice time with my family or friends, I can learn from home, it gives me more time to study as I do not have to travel, and help is as close as the phone or an email.

Legitimate ministry degrees.  The flexible range of Vision Colleges award options is amazing.  All awards are designed explicitly for ministry training and development and are flexible to meet your ministry needs.
1.  Recognised Studies: That is to say, the awards are not accredited but they are recognised for ministry training and development, ranging from a Certificate to a Diploma of Biblical Theology.
2.  Accredited Studies by ASQA From Certificate III to the Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology.
3.  Degree programs through our USA universities include Bachelor’s Completion,  Masters, Dr Ministry and PhD. Theology

A worldwide student body of 150,000 students.  At any given time, there are over 150,000 students in the Vision Colleges network.  It is so good to know that I am a part of an international and interdenominational Bible college recognised around the world in multiple denominations.

I grow spiritually at my pace – not restrained by others.  This is so important to me.  Studying from my place at my pace means I do not have to keep pace with others,  and they do not hold me back.  If I need to slow down, I can, and if I have time on my hands, I can speed up the process.  Fabulous!