Advanced Standing

Offered to someone who can show that they have already gained verifiable biblical and ministry skills and knowledge through prior studies at another college.

Advanced Standing is offered to someone who can show that they have already gained verifiable biblical and ministry skills and knowledge through prior studies at another college (Academic Transfer) or Practical experience or other means. This is referred to as Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) or Ministry skills.


We recognise the value of ministry and prior study, and we do not believe that every student must start at the beginning. 


We realise that we are one of many excellent and worthwhile colleges, and we are pleased to recognise formal studies undertaken by a student in another Bible College.


If a student has completed studies at another college, the student should present their academic transcript to us, and we can offer advanced standing to them as academic credits. We also offer Ministry Skills or Recognised Prior Learning credits if a student has gained ministry experience over the years.

Advanced Standing - Academic Transfer

If a student has completed or is undertaking formal studies and wants to transfer or continue with Vision Internet Bible College, present your Academic Transcript. We will assess the transcript and offer credits in the form of an academic transfer.


There is a cost to assess and transfer the credits from another college to Vision Internet Bible College.


We do not believe that students should be forced to start again just because they came to Vision Colleges.  We are pleased to recognise the efforts that students have made in another college.


Note: Due to the variety of standards between institutions, we cannot guarantee that an award from another institution will have the same value as a Vision Award; however, we treat all such requests with equal integrity.


Special Arrangement:  Walking With Jesus

Any student who completes the full Walking with Jesus programme articulates into Vision Colleges with 60 Credits advanced Standing on presentation of their certificate.

Advanced Standing Ministry Skills Experience

We accept the value of ministry experience as a valid means of learning. This prior learning can contribute legitimate credits towards an Award.


It isn’t easy in this space to present an exact formula for Life Experience Credits as the mix of experience, expertise and ministry of individuals vary greatly. However, in general, you are eligible to apply if:

  • You have been involved in any form of full-time recognised ministry for a minimum period of two years. or
  • You have served the local church in a legitimate office or ministry continually for five years; or
  • You can show a combination of both. You are eligible to apply for Ministry Skills Credits.

You will be required to submit a CV of your experience. Once assessed, Vision Colleges will advise you of the Life Skills Credits we can offer you. The Life Experience Credits may then be purchased and applied to any part of your course instead of studies.


Academic transcripts can only be used for advanced standing once. After that, if they have been accepted in another college, they cannot be applied to Vision Internet Bible College.


To apply for Life Experience, request the application form, and we will send it to you. Complete and return the form to us for assessment.


Advanced Standing in any form cannot exceed 75% of the study credits towards the award the student is undertaking.

Credit Points

As a Credit Points based system, Vision Colleges have always made room for Advanced Standing and Recognised prior learning or RPL, referred to as Ministry Skills experience as legitimate recognition towards study goals with our Recognised Studies. This recognition is made easy with our “credit point” system.


Awards are earned by accumulating credit points instead of completing a set curriculum. This means that any suitably gained credits can be applied anywhere in the system.


There are four award levels. Each award is worth 30 credit points.

  • Certificate in Biblical Studies = 30 credits (total credits = 30)
  • Associate in Biblical Studies – plus 30 credits (total credits = 60)
  • Diploma of Ministry – plus 30 credits (total credits = 90)
  • Diploma of Theology – plus 30 credits (total credits = 120)

How do you earn Credit Points?


Typically a student earns credits by successfully completing the assignment attached to a subject. Each subject attracts three credits. For additional credits, the student can present an essay or a student study guide. This provides for greater depth of study and fast-tracking of credits towards their award.


A student begins with the Certificate in Biblical Studies and accumulates credits for each award level.


Subject Credit Points

All of our subjects have the same study value. The successful completion of an assignment earns 3 credit points. Most students earn their award by successfully completing 10 subjects.


Essay Credit Points

A student can earn one (1) additional credit point per subject by writing an optional essay. The essay must be 1,500 to 2,000 words and follow the guidelines set out in our document for “Essay writing”.


The benefits of writing an essay are that it will enhance your understanding of the subject, thus better equipping you while earning additional credit points.


There is an additional charge for the essay.

Student Study Guide Credit Points


A student can earn two (2) additional credit points per subject by completing the optional Student Study Guide.


The Student Study Guide takes a student through the textbook in greater detail. The benefit of completing a Student Study Guide is to enhance your understanding of a subject, thus better equipping you for ministry.


There is an additional charge for the Student Study Guide.