Pastoral Enrichment

This Pastoral Enrichment Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of busy pastors who find themselves needing counselling tools to help them as they minister to their people.


So often, the Pastor is seen as a man with all the answers, and if he does not have them, well, “God will tell him!”   Indeed, there are many times when the Holy Spirit steps in and provides Godly wisdom.


There are also times when our pastoral experience provides guidance and wisdom.  Yet too often, we find ourselves out of our depth faced with dreadful situations needing the “wisdom of Solomon”.


A wise pastor seeks help.  We should reach out to our peers, those in oversight over us, our mentors, but they too are limited, may not be available, or the issue beyond even their scope of experience.


We also need to realise that we need to seek out training and develop tools to be prepared.  At the same time, there is a need to seek out training to develop the tools.


But what tools do we need? What should we study?  What is often required is the kind of information available in counselling courses. Still, it is so difficult to take out the time to undertake a counselling diploma, our member’s needs will not wait, and honestly, we do not need all of that information right now. What to do?

Help In Time Of Need

Vision Colleges have a solution.  Our range of counselling subjects is available to you as the Pastoral Enrichment Program.  You select subjects from our counselling stream as required enabling you to gain the specific training you need as you need it.  The textbook provides you with a tool for future reference.  We provide the textbook, assessments and audio lectures, when possible, for any of our subjects so that you can address a particular issue when it arises and, as so often does, take you by surprise.


Each subject attracts its certificate, so your efforts are recognised.  By completing any ten subjects, you will earn a Diploma of Pastoral Counselling.


The Pastoral Enrichment programme is NOT a secular counselling course.  It is a Christian Counselling Program for use in the church and Christian ministry.  The program has been developed by highly qualified Christian Counsellors with many years of ministry to the Body of Christ worldwide.


It has been specifically developed to provide Christian counselling tools for men and women in their counselling ministry.


This course is only available to pastors, endorsed elders and leaders who are already involved in the counselling ministry, who hold a Bible College Diploma and o have several years of experience but realise they need some tools to help.  This option allows you to add to your skills and improve your effectiveness as a counsellor.  You are enabled to develop the tools you need as required.


Subjects can be taken in any order. You elect to do as many or few as you choose to meet your needs.  Each subject attracts a Certificate in Christian Counselling.  Any ten will automatically attract the Diploma in Pastoral Counseling. More options are to be soon.

Who Is The Pastoral Enrichment For?

We do not teach you to be a counsellor; instead, we add to your range of counselling tools enabling you to counsel to the body of Christ more effectively.


The Pastoral Enrichment Program will best suit you if you:


Lack of Formal Training

Have some counselling experience but lack formal training.


Ministry Enrichment

Are looking for a study program to enrich your ministry.


At Your Pace

Need to undertake studies at your own pace in your own place.


Need Skill Development

Recognise the need to develop skills in specific areas.


Have Some Prior Training

Have some prior training or verifiable skills in the field of counselling.


Pastoral Leadership

Are in pastoral leadership.


Elder Involvement

Are involved as an elder.

Pastors In Ministry Who – 

Elders, Leaders, Church Counselors Who – 

  • Recognise the need to develop their counselling tools and skills
  • Have a minimum of 4 years of ministry experience; and
  • Have an endorsement from their local Pastor
  • Hold a Diploma in Ministry from Vision Christian College or equivalent institution, or
  • Hold a Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology from Vision International College or equivalent institution.

Pastoral Enrichment Subjects

Find our courses for Pastoral Enrichment

Addictions Counselling

Biblical Inner Healing

Crisis Counselling

Group Dynamics

The Healing Community

Human Development

I Want To Be Like You Dad

Journey Into Wholeness

Marriage and Family Life

Shades of Gray

On Belay (Intro to Counseling)

Parenting on Purpose

Patterns of Destruction