Doctorate Of Ministry

Designed to equip the student for a higher level of competence in the practice of ministry, theology and biblical foundations work normally resulting in a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min). degree.

The Doctor of Ministry or D. Min. degree program is designed to equip the student for a higher level of competence in the practice of ministry, theology and biblical foundations work normally resulting in a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min). degree.


Nature of the Program

The Doctor of Ministry degree program is designed to serve the need of ministers for an experience in continuing education that renews the personal life of faith, further develops professional competence, and stimulates continued growth in biblical and theological foundations for ministry.


Doctor of Ministry – Admission:

Admission to the Doctor of Ministry Program is based on high competence in theology and ministry and motivation to research a recognized area of ministry.  Competence in theology is demonstrated by completing a minimum of a Master of Theology degree with a balanced curriculum, including disciplines in biblical studies, ethics, and studies in ministry from the Texas University of Theology or  Vision International University or equivalent Theological institution.  The candidate must present a complete transcript of previous academic work before an application for admission can be accepted.


The equivalent of 45 credit hours of graduate work beyond the masters plus a doctoral project is required to complete the degree.  Some Masters degrees may have deficiencies, and the Dean reserves the right to have the candidate take certain foundational courses before commencement of the D Min.


The program of studies leading to the Doctor of Ministry degree is a 45-credit (consisting of 21 credit hours in coursework, 9 hours in guided reading, and 15 credit hours for the doctoral project) program of study beyond the Master’s designed for men and women who are engaged in pastoral and related ministries. The candidates are challenged to develop their ministerial skills and refine and articulate their ministry’s biblical theology while in a ministry setting.

Study earnestly to present yourself approved to God, a workman that does not need to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the Word of Truth. But shun profane, vain babblings,
for they will increase to more ungodliness. 

2Timothy 2:15-16

Doctorate Of Ministry Program Description

Divided into three core components

The program is divided into three components:

  1. Core Courses (21 semester hours)
  2. Guided reading (4 semester hours)
  3. Doctoral project (15 semester hours)
  • Proposal (4 semester hours)
  • Project (15 semester hours)

Doctorate of Ministry - Component One

Core Courses For the Doctorate of Ministry Program


A 10,000-word paper will be written on any 7 of the courses below, covering the topic thoroughly.  Each core course is worth three (3) credits.  For an outline of these courses contact the college.


Doctor of Ministry Core Courses (3 credit hours each)

DM 800: Leadership in Pastoral Care

DM 801: Church Growth and Leadership

DM 802: Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Pastoral Leadership

DM 803: Counseling, Family Life, and Pastoral Leadership

DM 804: The Media, Leadership and the Church

DM 805: Spiritual Development of the Pastor, Church and Community

DM 806: Ethics and the Church in Today’s Culture – A Pastoral Perspective

DM 807: Conflict Management and Resolution in Church Life

DM 809: Women in Ministry: The Controversy of Ordination of Women

DM 810: Leadership Principles Applied to Pastoral Ministry and Church Extension

DM 811: Missions in the 21st Century

DM 812: The New Apostolic Reformation: Paradigms and Procedures

DM 813: Psychology and Theology: Conflicting or Complementary

DM 814: Contemporary Theology and Evangelical Belief

DM 816: Renewal Ministry from a Historical Church Perspective

DM 817: Revival and Church Planting – Principles of Translation

DM 818: Preaching: Its place and Importance in Contemporary Worship

DM 819: Contemporary Worship: The Strengths and Weaknesses


The Doctoral student must submit a Bibliography of the books used for the core course papers.

Doctorate of Ministry - Component Two

Guided Reading

Guided Readings reflect an area of research directed toward the writing of the doctoral project.  The student must choose a minimum of twenty-five (25) sizable works, approved by the Principal, to read and write on.


The minimal size of the work is 10,000 words.  The writings must be comprehensive enough to cover the topic.  The guided reading primarily constitutes Chapter 2 of the doctoral project.


The completed Guided Readings are a part of the doctoral project leading toward candidacy status.



Doctorate of Ministry - Component Three

Project Proposal

Research Writing Made Easy describes the process and format for a Doctoral Proposal. The student will write a proposal for the Doctorate, describing the project according to the prescribed format. The completed proposal is to be approved by the Doctoral Committee of the College. The Student Services Department will provide these resources.


Doctoral project (12 hours)

Upon approval of the proposal, the student may begin writing their Doctoral Project according to the specific format.  The dissertation shall be between 75,000 words and 100,000 words.  The word count is based on your words and does not include scripture, quotes, footnotes, endnotes or suchlike.

The Doctoral Project is the finishing work for the doctoral degree and provides the right to be called a “Doctor.” It earns ten credits towards the degree program. The guidelines for writing the project are found in the book Research Writing Made Easy. Through the combination of foundational coursework, diligent study, and the guidance of a doctoral project coordinator, students complete projects that are both personally gratifying and that contribute to the advancement of God’s kingdom.



Note the word count does not include an introduction, appendices, embedded scripture, quotations, endnotes, footnotes, bibliography, or such.  The word count is taken from the contents of the chapters only.

Guidelines for the writing of the project are again found in the book “Research Writing Made Easy”,  and with the help of your doctoral project coordinator, you will be able to complete your goal.

Doctorate Of Ministry Fees
Academic Transfer $400.00

Note: Students may pay as they go or upfront as the student prefers.

The doctor of ministry is essentially a research project, and candidates are required to source their study material

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