Internet Bible College, Degree Options (Our Universities)

The Internet Bible College offers degree studies and programs in cooperation with the Texas University of Theology and Vision International University for students who seek to continue to degree studies, emphasising Christian ministry.


The Texas University of Theology issues degrees as Religious exempt and Vision International University as State Approved. See the links above for the respective authorities.

These awards are legitimately earned at their appropriate level. However, they are explicitly designed for Christian ministry, do not compete with secular awards, and, as such, do not address secular issues or attract cross credit with secular universities.


Individual students have had and may successfully seek academic credits from their Vision studies toward their studies at a secular university; however, this is determined individually and at the discretion of the receiving university.  Vision has no authority in this matter.


Students who have completed their Diploma of Theology with the recognised program or Advanced Diploma from our accredited program with Vision or equivalent institution may continue their studies with the Bachelor’s Completion Program and our Masters Programs through to a Doctor of Ministry or PhD.  These awards are issued from Vision Universities in the United States under their respective authorities.

Vision Colleges Degree Programme Is Best For


Combined Training

Combines both ministry and theological training in one course.


Course Flexibility

The courses are flexible enough to be delivered in many church groups and Christian ministry contexts.


Flexible Electives

The flexibility of elective choice is significant.


Adaptable and Customised

The courses can be customised to suit the needs of the setting and be adapted to different interpretations of the Bible and different Christian beliefs.

Christian Degrees Offered by Vision Colleges

There are five biblically-based degree options available at Vision Colleges


Bachelors Completion

What is a Bachelors Completion? Simply put, the Bachelor’s Completion is the next tier of studies after the Diploma of Biblical Theology.


Post Graduate Degree

What are Post-Graduate Degrees? We offer Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas, also called Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas.


Masters Program

The Master’s of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) is an advanced degree in theology for students with an undergraduate degree in theology or ministry.


Doctoral Program

Designed to equip the student for a higher level of competence in the practice of ministry, theology and biblical foundations work normally resulting in a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min). degree.


Doctoral Program

The purpose of the Doctor Of Philosophy PhD program is to provide an opportunity for the student on a post-graduate level to achieve primacy in the disciplines of Theology, Ministry and Leadership through original research and creative work in that area of ministry as demonstrated by a completed doctoral dissertation.