11239NAT Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

The Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology is for those continuing from the Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology or who enter into the course with advanced standing.
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The Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry serves as a progressive extension of the Diploma in Theology, offering students the opportunity to delve deeper into key theological disciplines such as Biblical Studies, Christian Thought and History, and Ministry.
This program enriches students’ comprehension through advanced studies in these fields, supplemented by practical ministry studies. Moreover, students may have the chance to engage in ministry settings as part of their coursework.
Course Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the Advanced Diploma in Theology and Ministry, graduates will:

  • Possess significant foundational skills for critically analyzing Christian texts.
  • Demonstrate the ability to articulate and reflect upon fundamental theological and scriptural knowledge, applying it effectively within the realm of ministry practice.
  • Exhibit strong analytical prowess, enabling them to dissect and communicate coherent theological arguments, particularly in the context of ministry obligations or diverse worldview perspectives.
  • Apply their acquired skills and knowledge within various contexts and traditions, fostering culturally relevant ministry practices.
  • Utilize their expertise and understanding to serve others through practical engagement, whether it be in realms of practical support ministries or in the analysis of cultural and philosophical paradigms.
Graduate CertificateDiploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

11239NAT Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology


The Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology is an excellent choice for individuals involved in, preparing for, or aspiring to work in senior pastoral roles. This program equips students to independently make important decisions and serve in leadership positions. It is specifically tailored to meet the needs of those who are passionate about deepening their Christian faith and serving others.

6 Types of Students Who Might Benefit From The Advanced Diploma



Pastors seeking to enhance their Ministry Skills can find professional development opportunities with Vision International College, providing pastors with the tools to excel in their roles, embark on an enriching journey of growth for your ministry.



This unit equips individuals with the skills, knowledge, for Christian leadership in diverse settings. Explore the complexities of spiritual guidance, inclusivity, and compassionate nurturing. Benefit from tailored learning  and valuable networking opportunities.


Evangelist and Preachers

Embrace and diligently strive to present yourself approved to God, a seasoned worker, confidently presenting the Word of Truth. Your commitment to studying and rightly interpreting the Scriptures be a testament to your maturity and growth in faith.


Deacon and Elder

Release your potential, embrace your purpose as a deacon or elder, a mature student seeking to make a significant impact. in Christian leadership.  Explore the complexities of spiritual guidance, inclusivity, and compassionate nurturing.


Department Heads or Leaders

Our programs are designed to equip department leaders or pastors with invaluable knowledge and skills that will further strengthen their impact within the local church and the surrounding community. Partner with us on this transformative journey.


Pursuing Higher Educaton

This program is perfectly suited for individuals seeking additional educational opportunities through the pursuit of the Graduate Certificate in Christian Ministry and Theology at Vision International College. Embark on and exciting this academic journey of discovery.

The Word

And truly He gave some to be apostles, and some to be prophets, and some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.

Ephesians 4:11-12 NKJV

11239NAT Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

Course Description

This course is designed to prepare individuals for various Christian ministry roles, including pastors, deacons, lay preachers, chaplains, evangelists and department managers. Work in these roles may also require commissioning from a recognised religious institution.

The course will provide participants with

  • advanced knowledge of core Christian beliefs and practices;
  • skills to interpret, apply and teach Christian beliefs and practices;
  • opportunities for personal ethical formation;
  • practical ministry, leadership or teaching skills; and
  • skills for work or further vocational training.

About The Course

The purpose of this course is to:

  • Qualify individuals to lead in church groups and other ministry contexts within a broad and diverse range of specialised independent roles and in accordance with the values, procedures and practice guidelines of those church groups and Christian ministry contexts; or
  • Provide a pathway for further learning by progression to a higher level of qualifications developed in conjunction with this Course, particularly the Graduate Certificate in Christian Ministry and Theology.

The graduates of this course will also have gained skills consistent with the Advanced Diploma AQF descriptor, such as the ability to:

  • Analyse and synthesise information related to various Christian beliefs into relevant forms.
  • Provide specialist advice, guidance and leadership in a broad range of life and ministry situations based on advanced interpretations of Christian theological and contextual beliefs, including providing solutions to unpredictable and complex problems.
  • Provide advanced knowledge of Christian beliefs and understandings to Christian and non-Christian audiences.
  • Fulfil formal leadership by attending to responsibilities, expectations and requirements within the Christian ministry sector.

Advanced Diploma Subject Options

The 11238NAT Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology is a comprehensive program comprising 12 Units, each carefully selected to enrich students’ understanding and practice of Christian ministry.  The 12 units comprising the mandatory Core Units, Scripture and Theology Units, and Ministry and Formation Units.

  1. Core Units: Students must complete all three units.
  2. Scripture and Theology: A minimum of three units from this category provides a solid grounding in biblical studies and theological exploration, fostering a deeper understanding of Scripture and its application in ministry.
  3. Ministry and Formation: A maximum of six units from this category focuses on practical ministry skills and personal formation, equipping students to serve effectively in various ministry contexts.
    Students are supplied with a textbook, assignments and complete instructions to satisfactorily complete the subject; alternative subjects may be selected from the Study Streams
  4.  Ministry and Formation Online Units.
    Units are completed through the Vision Colleges Online training Portal

We recognise that some students may seek alternative units to further personalize their learning experience. In such cases, students are welcome to request alternative units from the Principal of VIC. Rest assured, the Principal’s decision regarding the selection of units will be considered final, ensuring a balanced and cohesive educational experience for all students.

Vision International College Standing

Vision International College is an independent Bible college. Many Christian churches and denominations highly value our awards for ministry training purposes.
However, Vision International College cannot offer or guarantee any posting to any church or missions organisation due to the diverse requirements of differing denominations. While our awards are highly respected, applications and inquiries to such bodies must be made in person by the student/graduate.
Upon completing this award, learners should have acquired the necessary knowledge, attitudes, and skills to serve effectively as Christian workers, religious instructors in churches, parishes, para-church organisations, missionary organisations, and religious education.

11239NAT Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology