Vision International College Accredited Studies

Vision International College, NTIS ID: 90862, is an accredited distance education Bible college. We offer the full range of accredited studies from the Christian Ministry and Theology courses – Certificate III to Graduate Diploma. Accreditation for Vision International College is with The Australian Skills Quality Authority ( ASQA).


The independence of Vision International College makes us a desirable option for independent churches, denominational churches and mission organisations as an alternative training organisation and an ideal choice for individual Christians seeking ministry training.

About The Vision Colleges Student Body

We have a wide range of students from full-time ministers to lay pastors, volunteers, youth and more! The current student body ranges from 17 to over 90 years old!

Professionals (usually Pastors)

Internet Bible College provides pastoral enrichment programs for pastors, clergy and other Christian leaders

Lay People

Internet Bible College provides pastoral enrichment programs for pastors, clergy and other Christian leaders

Essential Church Volunteers

Internet Bible College provides pastoral enrichment programs for pastors, clergy and other Christian leaders

Entry Level Ministry Staff


All Ages

Ministry Workers (Youth and Worship)

Persons Entering Their Second Career

Strengths of Christian Ministry and Theology


Combined Training

Combines both ministry and theological training in one course.


Course Flexibility

The courses are flexible enough to be delivered in many church groups and Christian ministry contexts.


Flexible Electives

The flexibility of elective choice is significant.


Adaptable and Customised

The courses can be customised to suit the needs of the setting and be adapted to different interpretations of the Bible and different Christian beliefs.


Multiple Pathways

The courses provide Christian Ministry and Theology pathways for those not interested in or not ready for higher education qualifications.


Stepped Progressions

The stepped progression of qualifications and core competencies is helpful to support the increasing depth of knowledge and skill requirements at higher levels of responsibility.


Practical Application

Combining theological learning with practical ministry skills effectively balances participants and supports career pathways.


AQF Consistency

Competency outcomes of individual units are appropriate and consistent with AQF levels

Why Choose Vision International College?

As an Independent Bible college serving all denominational groups we’re confident we have something for you today.

As educators, we recognise that we are all individuals, and while our calling may be similar to someone else’s, our calling and ministry are uniquely our own.  With this in mind, we can tailor our awards to address your specific ministry training and development needs.

Call or email the College to discuss these options with you. We can provide alternative subjects to match the specific unit requirements to meet your ministry need.  Perhaps an emphasis in counselling or Chaplaincy, or addressing the needs of youth or some other age-related group.  A simple phone call or an email inquiry can make the difference between studying issues of relevance to you or simply meeting a curriculum requirement.  Vision Colleges seeks to meet the student’s needs and the criteria for an award.

All of our awards can be tailored to meet individual study needs, we treat our student body as individuals, we do not believe that we are all the same.  We are unique and often have specif learning needs.  Vision International College makes that dream of inidividualised study a reality today.

For more information on Emphasis Options, you can call our office 02 9603 2077 or email the Principal of Vision Colleges


Independent Bible College

We are an independent Bible College serving all denominational groups.


Biblical Theology

Our preference for Biblical Theology provides a broader learning experience.



We are affordable. There are no large upfront or hidden fees.

Plus We Provide Tailored Coursework

We can tailor our courses to meet your study needs without compromising on quality through:


Wide Range of Electives

A wide range of Elective Practical Units.


Flexible Options

Flexible option in our theology units meeting your study needs

Why Choose Accredited Bible College Studies?

As an Independent Bible college serving all denominational groups we’re confident we have something for you today.

Accredited studies meet specific needs and are best suited to those who:

  • Seek Biblical, Christian, Theological, or related studies for ministry training and development
  • Need Workplace Skills training with your Bible college learning.
  • Require Austudy, Abstudy or Youth Allowance.
  • Seek recognition for further study in TAFE or University or
  • Your denomination requires Accredited qualifications

For each Accredited Bible College Studies course, a student will complete the required units of study. VIC has nominated subjects to satisfy the unit requirements from Certificate III to the Advanced Diploma for the “Theology” units, referred to as “CMT” units.  VIC  provides all of the required study material. Students who graduate from the entire program will have accumulated a library of books that will serve them for the rest of their Christian ministry at no additional cost.

Note:  With Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma studies, students will be required to source and purchase additional study material separate from the material provided by VIC.


Download our booklet on Vision International Colleges

Christian Ministry and Theology Streams

The Christian Ministry and Theology program is developed around two streams of study.

Biblical Theology

Our preference is Biblical theology over most other forms of theology as it tends to be closer to the heart and meaning of scripture. Biblical theology has a universal appeal to the student body.

The College provides all necessary study material from our extensive curriculum. There is no requirement to purchase additional materials. The assignments are an open book designed to assess the student’s comprehension of the text, not their memory. Students who graduate from the program will accumulate a library of books to serve them for the rest of their Christian ministry.

Practical Ministry Skills Development

These are the “business end of the ministry”; administration, WHS, dealing with people, management, and such. Where possible, these skills are developed with the student’s Pastor or mentor within the student’s area of ministry to maximise training and build skills upon skills.  Students will access the Vision Online Training Portal for these elective units.

This combination of practical and theological units in cooperation with the local Church ministry training makes the Vision International College program effective in developing a student’s ministry.

A student can discuss with the Principal options for substituting a “CMT” subject with another of the VIC subjects. The substitute must meet the requirements of the “CMT” unit. The decision of the Principal on the choice of an alternative is final.

Undergraduate Accredited Studies

Award Levels

There are four award levels to the undergraduate Christian Ministry and Theology program.  Students may complete as many levels as they choose to meet their study needs.

1. Certificate III

10741NAT Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology

Certificate III is the first step in an exciting journey of discovery into the word of God and preparation for ministry.

2. Certificate IV

10742NAT Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology

Certificate IV for those who continue to study from Certificate III or enter into the course with advanced standing

3. Diploma

10743NAT Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

The Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology continues, extends, and develops the students’ ministry skills gained from Certificate IV or advanced standing

4. Advanced Diploma

10744NAT Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

The Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology is for those continuing from the Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology or who enter into the course with advanced standing.

Emphasis Options

The flexibility of the VIC Accredited Studies program makes it possible for us to tailor an award to meet the specific needs of each student’s ministry.  For instance, such emphasis options as Counselling, Chaplaincy, or another specified field of ministry training, can be addressed.

Students who desire to undertake a specific emphasis will need to discuss their options with the Principal.   

An emphasis may be applied to any award level from Certificate IV to Advanced Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology.
We are pleased to recognise a student’s prior studies and experience and invite students to apply for Advanced Standing.

Graduate Accredited Studies

Like any other graduate studies, the nature of the Christian Ministry and Theology Graduate accredited studies is much more research-based than undergraduate studies. These studies are much more profound and broader.  While Vision International College will provide information to support the student in selecting study material, they will be required to purchase their study material.


The diverse nature of research makes a limited selection of materials difficult – almost impossible.


Graduate students are responsible for developing and conducting their original research.


Graduate students should be excited by carrying out in-depth and detailed studies in the spirit of creative and imaginative inquiry.


For Pastors and any others who are seeking to explore study at a deeper level Vision International College offers


10745NAT Graduate Certificate of Christian Ministry and Theology


10746NAT Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

Post Graduate Christian Ministry and Theology Program:

The Post Graduate Christian Ministry and Theology program will best suit you if you:

  • are involved in ministry at a pastoral or senior level;
  • have a desire to enter formal ministerial or Christian work;
  • need to meet denominational qualifications and study requirements;
  • seeking more profound levels of study to serve Christ and the church better;
  • are seeking personal growth and development in Christ;
  • intend to go on to the Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology.

Recognition Given To The Training Program

The list below indicates the recognition given to the Christian Ministry and Theology Program only and as taken from a broad sweep of denominations. Each denomination reserves the right to determine the level of qualifications required to fulfil any particular role.  Vision Colleges cannot, and does not, guarantee or offer to any student or graduate a place of employment or a voluntary position based on their study or graduation. Such is the role of the churches and or organisations they are applying.

Vision Colleges is an independent Bible college. While accepted by many Christian Churches and denominations for training purposes, their diverse qualification requirements mean that Vision Colleges cannot, and does not, offer or guarantee any posting to any church or missions organisation. The student/graduate must make applications or inquiries to such bodies in person.


Graduates from these courses will be recognised as appropriate persons to be employed as Religious Instructors, Ministers, mission support personnel, Pastors, and Church-Planters and Missionary Workers (as relevant to the level and type of qualification completed) by the majority of Christian denominations operating throughout Australia and around the world.