Vision International College Accredited Studies

Experience the excellence of Vision International College, NTIS ID: 90862, the premier distance education Bible college.  Our ministry is fully accredited and offers a comprehensive selection of studies in Christian Ministry and Theology, ranging from Certificate III to Graduate Diploma.   Our accreditation is with the Australian Skills Quality Authority ( ASQA),  Australia’s national vocational accrediting body to ensure the highest standards of quality.


 The independence of Vision International College sets us apart, making us the preferred choice for independent churches, denominational churches, and mission organizations. Our institution provides a remarkable alternative training organization for those seeking to further their ministry training. Moreover, individual Christians seeking to embark on a transformative journey in ministry will find us the ideal destination.


 Join our thriving community of passionate learners and unlock your full potential at Vision International College. Enroll today and let us guide you towards a fulfilling and impactful ministry career.

About The Vision Colleges Student Body

We have a wide range of students from full-time ministers to lay pastors, volunteers, youth and more! The current student body ranges from 17 to over 90 years old!

Professionals (usually Pastors)

Internet Bible College provides pastoral enrichment programs for pastors, clergy and other Christian leaders

Lay People

Internet Bible College provides pastoral enrichment programs for pastors, clergy and other Christian leaders

Essential Church Volunteers

Internet Bible College provides pastoral enrichment programs for pastors, clergy and other Christian leaders

Entry Level Ministry Staff


All Ages

Ministry Workers (Youth and Worship)

Persons Entering Their Second Career

Strengths of Christian Ministry and Theology


Combined Training

Combining practical ministry skills and theological training into one comprehensive course, our combined training equips students with the necessary skills for ministry and a deep understanding of theology. This solid foundation paves the way for a successful career in Christian service.


Course Flexibility

The courses offered by Vision International College are designed to ensure seamless integration into different denominational and church groups, and Christian ministry settings. Course Flexibility is key to the adaptability of these courses, making it effortless for individuals to incorporate them into their existing needs.


Adaptable and Customised

The courses offered by Vision Internationl College are designed to be adaptable and customized to suit the unique needs of individual students. Our curriculum can be easily adjusted to accommodate different denominational perspectives, and personal ministry requirements.


Multiple Pathways

The courses offered by Vision International College provide pathways in Christian Ministry and Theology for individuals who may not require or are not yet ready for higher education qualifications. These courses enable students to pursue their passion for Christian studies and develop their understanding of ministry, all within a supportive and inclusive learning environment.


Stepped Progressions

Our stepped progression of qualifications plays a crucial role at Vision International College.  The structured pathway to learning facilitates the development of knowledge and skills necessary for higher levels of responsibility as required. This progression supports individuals to acquiring a deeper understanding of their faith and empowers them to meet the increasing demands of their roles.


Practical Application

Vision International College prioritizes practical application with theological knowledge. By integrating the two, we provide a well-rounded educational experience preparing individuals for meaningful careers in ministry. Our approach helps students develop a deep understanding of theology and the ministry skills to apply this knowledge in real-life scenarios enabling students to excel in their chosen career.

Why Choose Vision International College?

As an Independent Bible college serving all denominational groups we’re confident we have something for you today.

As educators, we understand the importance of individuality in our calling and ministry.  There  may be similarities between ourselves and others yet each individual ministry is unique.  That’s why at Vision International College, we offer tailored awards that cater specifically to your ministry training and development needs.

Contact us to explore our range of options.  We can provide alternative subjects that align with your specific requirements to help you meet your ministry goals.

Whether you’re interested in counseling, chaplaincy, addressing the needs of youth, or any other age-related group, a simple phone call or email inquiry can make a significant difference in studying issues that are relevant to you, rather than just fulfilling curriculum requirements.

We prioritize meeting our students’ individual needs and award criteria because we believe that every student is unique and has specific learning needs.

At Vision International College, we turn the dream of personalized, individualized study into a reality. For more information on Emphasis Options, please call our office at 02 9603 2077 or email the Principal of Vision Colleges at


Independent Bible College

We are an independent Bible College serving all denominational groups.


Biblical Theology

Our preference for Biblical Theology provides a broader learning experience.



We are affordable. There are no large upfront or hidden fees.

Plus We Provide Tailored Coursework

We can tailor our courses to meet your study needs without compromising on quality through:


Wide Range of Electives

A wide range of Elective Practical Units.


Flexible Options

Flexible option in our theology units meeting your study needs

Why Choose Accredited Bible College Studies?

As an Independent Bible college serving all denominational groups we’re confident we have something for you today.

You can unlock your potential with Vision International College, where accredited studies perfectly cater to your unique needs. Whether you are seeking Biblical, Christian, Theological, or related studies for ministry training and development, we have the perfect program for you. Our courses are curated to meet the demands of the modern workplace, ensuring that you acquire essential workplace skills alongside your Bible college education.


We understand that financial support is crucial, which is why we accept Austudy, Abstudy, and Youth Allowance. Additionally, our accredited qualifications are recognized by TAFE, universities, and various denominations, providing you with the recognition you desire.


Each of our accredited Bible college courses is tailored to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills. From Certificate III to the Advanced Diploma, you will engage in a carefully designed curriculum that includes both “Theology” units and Ministry Skills units.


Don’t settle for less when it comes to your ministry training and recognition. Choose Vision International College and take the first step towards a rewarding future in ministry. Enroll today and embark on a transformative educational journey.


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Christian Ministry and Theology Streams

The Christian Ministry and Theology program is developed around two streams of study.

Biblical Theology
Vision International College prioritises Biblical theology as it intimately aligns with the heart and essence of scripture and resonates universally with our diverse student body.
From Certificate III to Advanced Diploma, our College offers a comprehensive curriculum with all necessary study materials provided. Additional materials are not required, but students are encouraged to consider them for their own personal growth.
Our assignments are open book, intentionally designed to evaluate students’ understanding of the text rather than their memorisation skills. Graduates of our program will gain a valuable library of books that will support their Christian ministry for a lifetime.
Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma studies, students must independently procure additional study materials recognising the research-oriented nature of these courses.
Students are welcome to contact the college principal to explore alternative subjects and customise their studies to meet their specific educational needs.
Ministry Skills Units
These are the “business end of the ministry”; administration, WH&S, dealing with people, management, and such. Where possible, these skills are developed with the student’s Pastor or mentor within the student’s area of ministry to maximise training and build skills upon skills.  Students will access the Vision Online Training Portal for these elective units.

This combination of practical and theological units in cooperation with the local Church ministry training makes the Vision International College program effective in developing a student’s ministry.

A student can discuss with the Principal options for substituting a Ministry Skills Units to meet the own leaning needs The decision of the Principal on the choice of an alternative is final.

Undergraduate Accredited Studies

Award Levels
There are four award levels available in the undergraduate Christian Ministry and Theology program with Vision International College.
Students have the flexibility to choose and complete as many levels as they need to meet their study or professional requirements.
An advantage of these award levels is that they provide students with the opportunity to progress in their studies at the necessary level, they can take breaks between award levels and resume advanced studies as needed.
Enrol into Vision International College for your Christian Degrees.  Expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding of Christian ministry and theology through our comprehensive program.

1. Certificate III

11236NAT Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology

Certificate III is the first step in an exciting journey of discovery into the word of God and preparation for ministry.

2. Certificate IV

11237NAT Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology

Certificate IV for those who continue to study from Certificate III or enter into the course with advanced standing

3. Diploma

11238NAT Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

The Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology continues, extends, and develops the students’ ministry skills gained from Certificate IV or advanced standing

4. Advanced Diploma

11239NAT Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology

The Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology is for those continuing from the Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology or who enter into the course with advanced standing.

The VIC Accredited Studies program offers flexible options to cater to the specific needs of each student’s ministry.

Whether you are interested in Counselling, Chaplaincy, or any other field of ministry training, we provide specialized emphasis choices.

Our Principal is available for a discussion on your desired emphasis, enabling you to explore the various possibilities. These emphases are applicable to all award levels, ranging from Certificate IV to Advanced Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology.

We highly value and acknowledge the significance of your prior studies and experience and actively encourage you to apply for Advanced Standing, recognizing your achievements and allowing you to progress further in your educational journey.

Graduate Accredited Studies

Graduate Studies in Christian Ministry and Theology

Dive Deep into Knowledge


Embrace the depths of Christian Ministry and Theology through our immersive graduate studies.


Unlike undergraduate programs, our research-based approach enriches your understanding and takes you on a profound journey of discovery.


While we provide guidance in selecting study materials, students are encouraged to invest in their learning by purchasing the necessary resources. With the limitless possibilities of research, we empower you to delve into uncharted territories, fostering creativity and imaginative inquiry.


Vision International College proudly offers two exceptional programs for those seeking to deepen their knowledge:

11231NAT Graduate Certificate of Christian Ministry and Theology.

11232NAT Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology.


Unleash your potential and unlock new horizons with us!

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Post Graduate Christian Ministry and Theology Program:

The Post Graduate Christian Ministry and Theology program will best suit you if you:

  • are involved in ministry at a pastoral or senior level;
  • have a desire to enter formal ministerial or Christian work;
  • need to meet denominational qualifications and study requirements;
  • seeking more profound levels of study to serve Christ and the church better;
  • are seeking personal growth and development in Christ;
  • intend to go on to the Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology.

1. Graduate Certificate

11231NAT Graduate Certificate in Christian Ministry and Theology

The Graduate Certificate of Christian Ministry and Theology is for those students of Vision International College who are continuing from Advanced Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology, or who enter into the course with advanced standing.

2. Graduate Diploma

NAT11232 Graduate Diploma Of Christian Ministry and Theology

The Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology is designed for men and women in senior ministry roles and builds on their skills developed from the Graduate Certificate.

Recognition Given To The Training Program

The list below indicates the recognition given to the Christian Ministry and Theology Program only and as taken from a broad sweep of denominations. Each denomination reserves the right to determine the level of qualifications required to fulfil any particular role.  Vision Colleges cannot, and does not, guarantee or offer to any student or graduate a place of employment or a voluntary position based on their study or graduation. Such is the role of the churches and or organisations they are applying.

Vision Colleges is an independent Bible college. While accepted by many Christian Churches and denominations for training purposes, their diverse qualification requirements mean that Vision Colleges cannot, and does not, offer or guarantee any posting to any church or missions organisation. The student/graduate must make applications or inquiries to such bodies in person.


Graduates from these courses will be recognised as appropriate persons to be employed as Religious Instructors, Ministers, mission support personnel, Pastors, and Church-Planters and Missionary Workers (as relevant to the level and type of qualification completed) by the majority of Christian denominations operating throughout Australia and around the world.