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Women a Biblical Profile

Women a Biblical Profile

Women a Biblical Profile is a study about women and their profile from a biblical perspective in relation to God, to man, the church to ministry.

WOMAN’S RELATIONSHIP TO GOD.  Woman was created by God, in the image of God, and with an eternal soul (Genesis 2:7), related to God in a special union.  Because God is a spirit (John 4:24), this relationship is a spiritual relationship. The Bible records that God had a spiritual relationship with Adam and Eve and enjoyed fellowship with them (Genesis 3:8).  This union was broken due to the fall of man into sin, but God provided a plan to restore man’s spiritual relationship with his Creator.

Women a Biblical Profile

When woman was first created, she was made by God in a beautiful and sinless state.  Then came her fall into sin.  Now all women are in one of two categories:

The woman apart from God:  The sinful woman who has not accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and received forgiveness for her sin.

The woman of God:  Once a sinner, this woman has confessed her sin and accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour. She now stands virtuous (holy) before God.

The book of Proverbs in the Old Testament has much to say about women, emphasizing the contrast between these two categories.  The woman apart from God is referred to as the "strange" woman.  The woman of God is referred to as the "virtuous" woman.

The subject of the strange woman runs like a connecting thread throughout the book of Proverbs until the final chapter where the characteristics of the virtuous woman are presented as a glorious contrast.

Women: A Biblical Profile

There are many voices in the world today speaking on behalf of women.

  • We have heard the voice of what has been termed in some nations "women's liberation" calling for equal rights for all women everywhere.
  • In other nations, the voice of tradition has been raised demanding that women be kept in subjection.
  • Theologians have debated extensively regarding the role of women in the Church.
  • We have heard the voices of psychologists, educators, and philosophers with their various views on womanhood.

In general, concern with the subject of women has focused on their purpose and position in society.  Many modern movements promoting liberation for women have overreacted to the problems and concerns faced by women.

The movement towards liberation for women is not new. It can be traced back to the first woman, Eve, who sought liberation from God's rules.  But true liberation for women comes only through Jesus Christ and recognition of the patterns and principles governing womanhood revealed in God's Word, the Bible.

This course summarizes all the Bible teaches regarding women.  It is not only as a study guide but a reference tool as it lists all the passages about women and references to all the individual women mentioned in the Word of God.

Now, "Let the earth hear His voice" on the subject of womanhood as we develop from Scripture:  "Women: A Biblical Profile".

Women: A Biblical Profile Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Summarize the history of woman as revealed in the Bible.
  • List the purposes for which woman was created.
  • Contrast the traits of the two classes of women described in Proverbs.
  • Explain the role of women during the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ.
  • Summarize the Biblical position of women as revealed in Acts and the Epistles.
  • Document with Scripture the ministry opportunities open to Christian women.
  • Summarize the book of Ruth.
  • Summarize the book of Esther.
  • Continue independent study of women from a Scriptural perspective.
  • Communicate what you have learned to other women.
  • Start a ministry to women

All Scripture is God-breathed and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished to every good work.  (2Ti 3:16-17)

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  1. Paul Selwyn Otway

    A great informative subject.
    Very interesting.


      Hi Paul, indeed Kens insights into the early church are, in mt view, unmatched

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