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NAT11239009 Develop ministry skills through supervision.

NAT11239009 Develop ministry skills through supervision.

Are you ready to take your ministry skills to new heights? Look no further! This unit is tailor-made for aspiring individuals like you who are passionate about making a difference within Christian organizations. Join us as we unlock the secrets to developing your ministry skills through a structured supervision process guided by seasoned professionals.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock your true potential in ministry. Enroll in this unit today and embark on a transformative journey that will shape your future within Christian organizations. Let your ministry skills soar to new heights as you embrace the power of structured supervision and cultivate a strong foundation for lifelong growth and success.


Initiate ministry supervision arrangements        

  • Determine a ministry context and area for professional learning in consultation with ministry supervisor
  • Develop and document own ministry learning goals
  • Develop a ministry supervision agreement with ministry supervisor outlining expectations, goals and timeframes

Determine the effectiveness of own ministry skills  

  • Seek feedback from ministry supervisor and others on own ministry skills
  • Use feedback to improve own professional practice
  • Participate in self-analysis, discuss challenging areas of ministry practice and evaluate own response to others in ministry contexts
  • Document evidence of personal growth and professional learning

Contribute to the development of own knowledge         

  • Pursue professional development through reflective practice, collegial collaboration and professional reading
  • Use research and professional development to inform own practice

Performance Evidence

The candidate must show evidence of the ability to complete tasks outlined in the elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage tasks and manage contingencies in the context of the job role. There must be demonstrated evidence that the candidate has:

  • participated in a structured process of ministry supervision
  • reflected on at least five ministry experiences and documented own response and learning
  • sourced and completed at least six professional readings applicable to own ministry area


required to effectively complete the tasks outlined in the elements and performance criteria of this unit. This includes knowledge of:

  • principles and practices applicable to own ministry context
  • legal and ethical considerations for ministry supervision and how these are applied in organisations and individual practice:
    • codes of conduct
    • duty of care
    • privacy, confidentiality and disclosure
    • rights and responsibilities of workers, employers and clients
    • work role boundaries
    • work health and safety
  • self-awareness and factors to consider in analysing own perspectives including
    • belief and value systems
    • culture
    • gender


Complementary text:  My Brothers Keeper

Assessment must be conducted in an environment that reflects workplace conditions, with access to:

  • a ministry supervisor
  • resources for professional reading and research in Christian ministry and theology

Students will present a thorough portfolio of verifiable evidence of competency


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