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Christian education, especially education within the local church setting, is a primary vehicle for the transmission of the Christian faith from generation to generation. Throughout the history of God’s dealings with His people, He has used both formal and informal methods of instruction within the family and society in general, as a way of transmitting the truth of His revelation to mankind.

Education is vitally important in our present day. It has been under significant attack due to the various methods of secularization being espoused within Western culture.

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Christian Education.  The reaction to that secularization amongst members of the Christian community has been the development of many private Christian educational programs, many of which are of outstanding quality. These programs are meeting an identified need, which is recognized by both academics and parents alike. That need is to provide specialized education and training experiences for children that will integrate historic Christian faith with active academic pursuits.

All educators are keenly interested in their quest for truth. They are also interested in the attainment of excellence by their students and assisting those students in developing a worldview that will enhance their daily life and strengthen them for their future life endeavours.

As Christians, it is an abiding hope to assist students in the development of a solid evangelical Christian worldview. This philosophy of life will provide the student with the ability to integrate truth wherever it is found and make proper spiritual application of what is learned within their own life. It is the intention of this book to assist many students and teachers to accomplish this lofty goal.

In this volume, the reader will review various principles of teaching and the educational process in general, as well as the overriding philosophy of Christian education. Further, the student and/or teacher will be able to apply these methodologies and understandings to enhance the educational process of children, youth and adults that they have the privilege of working with.

There is an apparent and growing need to train and develop educators who carry a burden for students and a heart for the Lord. Men and women in the field of education must be more than good people who share good things with their students. They must have a radical commitment to the discipleship process. The goal of this discipleship process is to assist students in becoming everything that God has created them to be. This can include training prayer warriors for Christ, witnesses to His cross, communicators of the resurrection, and creating a window through which all of humanity can look and see the Christ found in the word of God.

And He is the Head of the body, the church, who is the Beginning, the First-born from the dead, that He may be pre-eminent in all things. For it pleased the Father that in Him all fullness should dwell. And through Him having made peace through the blood of His cross, it pleased the Father to reconcile all things to Himself through Him, whether the things on earth or the things in Heaven.  (Col 1:18-20)


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