Affiliates Of Vision College

Vision Colleges affiliates are a combination of Australian Affiliates and International Affiliates.  These organisations combine together to offer a worldwide ministry network.  Vision Christian College, Vision International College, the Internet Bible College, Vision International University and the Texas University of Theology.   These affiliates are, in part, it is the reason for our extraordinary claim of over 150,000 students at any given time since the year 2000.


Since August 1974, when Vision first started, we have seen over 2,500,000 men and women graduate with various levels of awards ranging from a Certificate to a PhD and released into ministry.


We are an independent college, but we are not alone in our ministry. We are a network of like-minded men and women committed to bringing the Whole Word to the Whole World.


We are justly pleased with what God had done with Vision Colleges and through men and women just like you, who are committed to the growth and development of the Kingdom of God.  We all share a concept that the knowledge of the Word and the effective presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives makes the difference that brings life more abundantly.

Australian Affiliates Of Vision College

Vision Christian College

Vision Christian College is the original version of our Bible Colleges and the primary affiliate.  Its earliest beginnings were in Launceston, Tasmania, in 1974, and we are now located at Leumeah  NSW, South West of Sydney.

Vision Christian College, like many Bible colleges, does not seek formal accreditation from any government agency. However, as a college, we are recognised for our teaching programmes in over 150 countries.  We are used as a study programme for personal study through legitimate ministry training. We are not in competition with secular colleges.


For those who prefer accredited studies, we recommend our sister programme, Vision International College.


Vision Christian College operates by distance education using regular mail services, providing the student body with hard copy study books and materials.  Our studies are available to individual students and to local churches as a local church bible college or ministry training programme.


We serve Australasia and the South Pacific and strategic partners with other Vision International Education Network institutions to provide vocational ministry training emphasising Biblical Theology.


The curriculum continues to expand as we introduce new subjects. There are now more than 100 subjects that have stood the test of time. These subjects have been in continuous production for more than 40 years.


Vision Colleges began in response to the need to train men and women of God in their church. Until this time, the brightest and best prospective students were sent to the denominational college or seminary and lost to the local church. Seeing the need, Ken Chant began Vision Colleges and made it possible to teach and develop men and women in the local church, by the local church for the local community and the world beyond.

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Vision International College

Vision International College, NTIS ID: 90862, is a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).  ASQA is the Australian accrediting body for Vocational Education.  Among the Vision College Affiliates, we are the only accredited college. We offer the Christian Ministry and Theology suite of awards.  Vision Colleges is part of the Working party to develop the training product. We are a distance education Bible college with students around the world.


We have no classrooms, no intensives, no seminars, no terms. We do everything through distance education. Rather than you coming to the College, we send the college to you.


VIC’s programs range from Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology to the Graduate Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology. These study options are ideally suited to those seeking to enter the professional ministry.


Awards issued are fully accredited through ASQA and are accepted throughout the Australian education institutions and accepted by many other nations.

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International Affiliates Of Vision College

Internet Bible College

Originally developed by Denis Plant in 1999 to be an “Online Bible College”, following a period of ministry in Papua New Guinea.  The Internet Bible College offers studies from  Vision Christian CollegeVision International College,  and degree options from Vision International University (VIU) and the Texas University of Theology (TXUT).   This mix of options makes Vision Colleges the best Bible College option on or off the internet, thus helping to fulfil our mandate to Take The Whole Word To The Whole World.


To the best of our knowledge, the Internet Bible College is the first college of any kind to offer our studies through the internet.  Up until this time, you could enrol, receive your study material, complete your assignments and return them by email for the first time.


We have embraced the whole of the “Vision Options”, enabling us to bring “The Whole Word To The Whole World.”


All study materials are presented in PDF format by email.

Vision International University

Vision International University was founded for education and training locally and internationally.

Vision is an instrument to be used by and for the local church to fulfil its calling. From the beginning of the New Testament era, the Lord has used the local church and its pastoral leadership to teach and train its people for God’s service. The University campus and the administrative offices are located in Ramona (San Diego), California.


Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Vision International University is to educate effectively and train, through distance education, men and women called to Christian service. The academic model shall be biblically-based Christian higher education (undergraduate through graduate) for preparing Christian pastors, missionaries, church leaders, educators and other professionals for leadership in various fields of Christian service.


This mission is accomplished through a Christ-centered distance education curriculum of academic excellence, intellectual inquiry, spiritual and moral integrity, and practical experience.


Vision International University issues State Approved degrees from a Bachelors Completion, Masters, Dr of Ministry and a PhD in Theology.

Texas University Of Theology

The Texas University of Theology offers theological education and ministerial training to people who cannot attend a centralized higher education institution. Degrees are issued under the Religious Exempt act and are not in competition with secular awards. Instead, they are for ministry training.


But, more profoundly, while we admire and endorse the efforts of traditional Bible Colleges and Seminaries, we are deeply committed to the concept of training people within the walls of their own local church and the provision of excellent teaching material and study options for Christians everywhere. We treat the entire local church environment as part of our educational activity: its worship, its witness, its fellowship, it is teaching, its ministry – are all reckoned to be part of the training process of equipping men and women to serve Christ.


Our function is simply to add a theological and academic resource that few churches can viably provide while leaving the practical training in ministry to the local pastor. Underlying how we present our materials and the kinds of assessment we employ, there is an educational philosophy based upon the following principles


Christian education must stand upon a strong theological foundation (cp. the injunctions and warnings about “sound doctrine” in 1 Timothy 1:10; 4:13; 2 Timothy 4:3; 2 Peter 2:1-3; Jeremiah 6:16; 1 Corinthians 3:10-13; etc.).


Students must be brought to know God, not just to learn about him, and the curriculum must be consciously structured to achieve that excellent end. The goal must be to impart knowledge and teach principles of sound interpretation, showing people how to do their own research and apply truth to life. A final goal is the ultimate activation of men and women into effective Christian service in any environment they may be called to minister.


Texas University of Theology issues degrees from a Bachelors Completion, Masters, Dr of Ministry and a PhD in Theology by Religious Exemption.

Walking with Jesus

Author/Teacher Dr. Glen Copple

Doctor Glen Copple is an ordained minister with over 45 years of preaching and teaching experience ministering to non-denominational churches. In 1983, he earned a Master of Arts in Ministry from Pacific Christian College (now Hope International University) in Fullerton, CA, and he has had ministries in Kansas, Missouri, California, and Florida.


Doctor Glen M. Copple, Litt.D., has known Jesus all his life. He was “born and raised” going to Sunday School and church. His parents taught him about Jesus from his earliest childhood.


From his experience attending church, Bible College, and years of preaching ministry, Copple recognized his gift for teaching and his passion for knowledge of Jesus Christ. As an ordained minister, teacher, and writer, he has written Walking With Jesus, a complete and non-denominational Bible study of every event in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.


On July 11, 2018, Glen M. Copple was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Letters from Jamaica Bible Seminary for his work on the Walking With Jesus Bible Study Series



Walking With Jesus Bible Study Series:

The Gospels writers took three years to experience their walk with Jesus. Follow the footsteps of Jesus from the annunciation through his Birth, to His Ascension into heaven with detailed photos, maps, and charts!


Harmony of the Gospels reveals the events in Jesus’ life with multiple points of view placed side by- side in one book! The chronological order of events gives a complete easy-to-follow understanding of the entire recorded journey from start to finish.


A Journey to discover truth and understand the land, the people, and the history. Walking With Jesus is an entire Gospel reference library with reference notes in verse-by-verse format on everything recorded of Jesus’ life all in one series!


WALKING WITH JESUS is about building a more Passionate, Personal and Powerful relationship with Jesus so that we may become more like Him! You will learn and apply the answer to “What Would Jesus Do?”


Students who complete the 6 units of Walking with Jesus studies are entitled to  60 credits, This means the entry level for these students is the Diploma of Ministry

Harvestime International Network

Harvestime International Network is a non-denominational Christian organization committed to recruiting, training, motivating, and mobilizing a network of international harvesters capable of intercession for spiritual harvest, articulation and demonstration of the principles of spiritual harvest, and mobilization of labourers to reap the worldwide, end-time harvest.


This network of training and evangelism literally spans the globe and consists of people from all walks of life and all denominations.


Harvestime has been granted non-profit religious incorporation status in the United States of America. We operate this website, our Christian education program, and prison ministries through free-will, tax-deductible donations.


Statement of Purpose

It was upon the spiritual harvest fields of the world that Jesus Christ constantly focused the attention of His disciples:


Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? Behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. (John 4:35)

The challenge given by our Lord is for labourers, men and women who know how to reap the spiritual harvest fields of the world for the Kingdom of God. It is to this purpose that Harvestime International Network is dedicated–to recruiting, training, motivating, and mobilising a network of international harvesters.

International School of Ministry (ISOM)

International School of Ministry (ISOM) Students who graduate with their Associate are welcomed by Vision Internet Bible College with their full 60 credit points and encouraged to continue to the Diploma of Ministry studies. ISOM Students from any part of the world are fully recognised by Vision.



The International School of Ministry concept began in the late 1980s when I worked as the television producer for Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. While filming documentaries alongside Reinhard, as he ministered to millions of people, mostly in Africa, I began to realize that there was a severe lack of training material to help nurture and grow these new converts. Yes, Reinhard would bring salvation to hundreds and thousands of people in each crusade. But a burning question remained in my heart. Who would help the pastors in the huge work they needed to do to disciple the great harvest of souls being won to Christ?


I returned to the USA in 1994 and began working on developing the International Curriculum, which was the foundation of what is now known today as the International School of Ministry or ISOM. This program had two major distinctions not found in many other programs.

Organisational Affiliates Of Vision Colleges

VELG Training

Velg Training is Australia’s leading provider of Vocational Education and Training (VET) professional development and consulting services. We have a range of consulting options delivered by VET industry experts who work with RTOs, higher education providers and schools across Australia.


As members, we have access to programs and resources designed to assist in the continued development of knowledge and practice of vocational training, learning and assessment.


We have access to their Knowledge Hub to support RTO management, administration, training and assessment, and schools and the purpose-built extensive library of VET resources and useful links, templates, products, samples, publications and more!  Through VELG, we can maintain our accreditation and recognition throughout the education industry.

Academic Council For Educational Accountability

ACEA is a network of Christian educators and administrators providing credibility through accountability and association. This is accomplished by developing Christ-honoring relationships and the sharing of expertise and resources. We call these the 3 R’s of ACEA: relationship, resources, and recognition. Relationship with like-minded individuals that are also called to influence and impact the education mountain. Recognition for your school and support team at the annual ACEA Summit and listed on the Partner Page of this website. Resources available to you as a member and the resources that you will have the opportunity to share with others.

For example, ACEA members have developed hundreds of courses that are being utilized in their schools of ministry, institutes and colleges:

  • Theological and practical ministry courses
  • ​Apostolic and prophetic courses
  • Christian counselling courses
  • Specialty certificate programs
  • Publishing Services
  • And more…