About Vision Colleges


This overview of Vision Colleges explains who we are, what we do, our network, and so much more.  Vision Colleges is a covering body for The Internet Bible College, the online home of  Vision International College, Vision Christian College. We are also extensions of  Vision International University and the Texas University of Theology.

Vision Has A Range of Biblical Study Options


Our range of study options and flexibility gives you the best possible opportunity for ministry training tailored to your needs.  Our sound doctrine is relevant today and will be in the decades to come.


All Ministry Begins With Sound Doctrine


Since our ministry began, we have been committed to the idea that ALL ministry begins with sound doctrine covering as many areas of Christian discipline as possible.  We bring a training model that has proven to be highly effective in helping men and women to find their part in the Body of Christ for more than 40 years.


Our Specialised Studies

We specialise in two fields of study.

Distance education

Through this model, we reach more than 150,000 students at any given time in over 150 countries are, a testimony to our good teaching and training model.

Local Church Bible Colleges

Local church Bible colleges enable the local church to run their college for the people in their community with their emphasis.  See our pages on Local Church Bible Colleges

“The Whole Word To The Whole World”

From our menu options, you will discover who we are, our philosophy, our history, our network, see why you can have confidence in our program and our vision to take “The Whole Word To The Whole World.”

  • Study, from your place in your pace
  • Sound doctrine
  • No time frame
  • Flexible options
  • No classroom attendance
  • No intensives
  • Internet support
  • 16 good reasons