Mission Student

The individual mission student is someone in a developing nation who wants to prepare for ministry and study God’s word but does not have the resources or finance to do so.  We accept these men or women as a part of our responsibility to the great commission.  We cannot go to this person, this person cannot come to us, but we can send our study materials and help them fulfil their responsibility.

Study earnestly to present yourself approved to God, a workman that does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.
2 Timothy 2:15

More About The Mission College Student

There are many free colleges they could go to,  and many students do, but the teaching is often insufficient to equip them for ministry.  These colleges have no recognition, and even if the learning is good, the student remains unqualified.


Their desire to study and be equipped with a recognised college is seemingly unattainable for many.  When they find out about us, they apply to be a student.  We verify that the applicant is legitimate and receive them as a mission student.


They are not a charity case but someone who wants to learn and understand God’s word.  These people are committed to Christ.  They want to make a difference and be ministers of the Gospel.  We provide them with the study material in their own place.  We treat them like any other full fee-paying student.  They deal with the same study material, exams, and disciplines as any other student, and most do so well.


Vision Internet Bible College provides a timely solution for those willing to study the word from their own home, in their community.  However, it is costly.  To do this, we need help your help.  You can sponsor a student.  You can make a difference.
You may not be able to go to the mission field, but you can underwrite the cost of study for a student somewhere in the world.  You can nominate someone you know, or we can allocate your funds to a student.  You can help them study the word and be equipped to be a minister of the Gospel in their community to their people as they earn internationally recognised qualifications with Vision Colleges.


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