Mission College

A Mission College is a Vision College on the mission field.  The college is run by local pastors or teachers who offer our curriculum and awards to their people in their own culture and language.  They are overseen by our online arm, the Internet Bible College.


We are firmly committed to the principle that the best people to teach and train men and women are their national pastors and leaders who already know and understand the cultural issues of their people.  We do not interfere with the running of the college.


We require that the assessments or a cultural equivalent of our assessments are used to ensure that students receive the same level of training as any other Vision student anywhere else in the world.


The local student body can fund a mission college.  Supporters of the work underwrite some of the colleges.

Two Kinds of Mission College

We provide the teaching material to the local college at minimal low fees, making it possible to offer a high standard of teaching to many more students.  This model, in turn, gives the college a funding opportunity.  As the student fees are determined and paid locally, the proceeds stay with the college.  In many cases, the mission bible colleges become locally self-funding.

1. Remote Mission Colleges

Remote Colleges are typically set up for a college that is too remote to communicate with us.   Their access to the internet may be too expensive or too weak.  In some cases, the nation is war-torn or poverty-stricken.  They may be in danger of persecution.

The college may not be able to work with us, but they need good, sound Bible College teaching.  We cannot monitor their work, but we can supply the subject matter.


We send them the study material on a CD.  It contains a selection of our studies sufficient to teach up to a Diploma of Ministry, that is 30 subjects.

Usually, the pastor runs the college to meet their people’s needs.

We provide the material they set their exam and issue their awards.

Characteristics of a Remote College


Remote Location

Typically the location is too remote for a constant stream of communication with Vision Colleges


Poor or Limited Internet Access

In areas of the world that have yet to develop viable internet access, or where the cost of internet access is too high, a remote college is a great option



Some areas of the world are facing the effects of war. They lack communications, or other necessary structures to conduct an online college


Christian Persecution

Christians are under persecution. Remote colleges from Vision Colleges are helping to ensure that biblical subject matter is getting into the hands of those who need it most

2. Affiliated Mission Colleges

The Affiliate Mission College works with us the same way a college in Australia or any other developed nation works with us.  The only difference is the fee structure.

These colleges face little difficulty working with us and have good access to the internet.  The student body is considered a part of the international student body with the same recognition and rights as any full fee-paying student in a developed nation.

Study materials are sent on-demand, by the college, through the internet.  The students have the most up-to-date versions at all times.
The affiliated college can offer any of our subjects and teach awards from a Certificate to a Bachelor of Theology.

Students pay a small fee to the college for each subject.

The affiliated college teaches one subject per month, and the assignments are sent by email to the Vision Colleges office for assessment.  The results are sent to the college by email and presented to the student.

We maintain the student records and share them with the college on request.

At the end of the college year, we provide the college with awards for each student.  These colleges work with us the same as any fully funded college anywhere globally but at a heavily discounted price.

Support A Mission College

Mission Colleges need financial help.  We need help to support the colleges.  Through the gift of sponsorship, YOU can put a Local Mission College somewhere in the world where it is needed.


The “College on a Disc” is a collection of two discs that enable a Bible college to be established in remote areas on mission fields.  The college is set up to assist missions colleges in poorer third world or developing nations and is not available to the “developed” world.  The Local Mission College can print out the material for teaching purposes and provide the students’ books.  In some cases, they print them out and sell them to others to provide an income.


The two discs contain:
Disc 1: A complete set of  30 subjects in PDF format, the latest Adobe Reader so that the files can be opened and printed out.
Disc 2: A complete Christian library of over 400 books, bibles, references, maps, and study helps.

Use this link for more information email the college, or you can use this link to purchase a mission disc that we will send for you anywhere in the world

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