Ministry Training

We Offer a Wide Range of Cost-Effective, Recognised Ministry Training Courses

Become more effective with our ministry training whether you are a church leader, young pastor or layperson serving God. Our excellent yet cost-effective online training saves rather than wastes your time. We will gladly mail the required workbooks containing in-depth instructions and assignments to those who do not wish to work online.

The Benefits of Our Ministry Courses

It is wise to prepare to minister effectively. Attain the knowledge and insight you require to lead others. Spread and express your faith based on learning.

  • Self-study may be difficult and takes a lot of time. Why not spend it being as vocationally efficient as possible instead? We offer a recognised credit points system rather than a fixed curriculum regarding every Bible College program topic. You can apply your credits to any certificate or diploma study level we offer over time.
  • You are free to select the subjects and control your tailored study program to meet your learning needs. We do not dictate which subjects you should study, except to require that you change streams every time you choose a new topic to enhance your understanding and insight. This method provides the opportunity to learn what interests you. It also meets your distinctive ministry needs, enhancing your sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.
  • We are ready and available to assist if you cannot decide which subjects to select. We provide you with the instruction that you can only learn through experience if you follow a demanding route without assistance. You need not struggle alone.
  • Our online ministry courses offer three study credits for every completed subject. You can earn 30 credits towards an award for every ten units you conclude. You can choose to build towards a Certificate in Biblical Studies for 30 credits, then attain an Associate in Biblical Studies for 30 more, achieve a Diploma of Ministry when you reach 90 credits in all and accomplish a Diploma of Theology upon completion of 120 credits.

Our study options give you confidence. It makes you more effective in your counselling, outreach, teaching or any other ministry in which you are involved.

What Sets Us Apart When it Comes to Christian Ministry Colleges?

Examine the eight study streams and more than 100 subjects you can choose from. Tailor your program to the knowledge you require in your ministry rather than opting for a one-size-fits-all option. We are willing to offer a specific curriculum if you prefer.

  • We suggest starting with a foundation subject when you study ministry, especially if you are a new Christian or have not studied before. You pick each new topic from a different stream to become a more capable and wiser graduate.
  • The study stream options consist of foundational, Biblical, church, Christian living, counselling, doctrinal, and mission studies. You can select any option at a given time as long as you rotate through them. You need to do at least two years of Bible study before you may enter into the counselling discipline.
  • Not all denominations insist on accredited studies, and many will accept our Recognised ministry studies training programs.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Vision Colleges

You will receive the essential training you need to become a valuable pastor, a bi-vocational leader in a religious group, or run a Christian charity as a layperson. You do not have to wait for three to five years or longer to enter the ministry. You can do the work that brings you joy while you study with us.

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