Please help us help the people of Ukraine

Please consider supporting the people of Ukraine as they resist Russia’s unprovoked invasion.  We’ve compiled information on ways you can help.  We need your support to help the Ukraine church.  As the nation struggles against the might of Russia, we need to stand with them.  Vision Colleges stand with the church in Ukraine.


The video below shows what is happening on the ground with the money we send.  We change the video change as often as a new one is sent.


Despite the war, many are being reached for Christ, and home fellowships and churches are being started where there was no church.   The hungry are fed, the sick gain medical support and clothing is given.  Many are finding Christ in their desperate need.  You can help.  It is incredible what God is doing through his people and the money you can send through Vision Colleges.  Every cent donated goes directly to Ukraine.


The “Goliath” of Russia imposes itself on the “David” of Ukraine!  Like the biblical David, Ukraine not only resists but can overcome its “Goliath” – the might of Russia!


This is a war that must be won, not only for the Ukraine people but for all of us around the world. If Ukraine falls there is an imminent risk to Europe and the entire world.  Firstly Russia will press into Europe – Putin has already made this clear. China will be emboldened and who knows what Nth Korea will do.


The Ukrainians are fighting for themselves and for the rest of the world


What can we do? What can YOU do?


What can we do?  We can pray – YES, we must, and we should.  But more is needed; they need our support financially.  Vision Colleges sends money to our contact in Kyiv; I cannot post his name for fear of reprisal against him.  He has been helping his people and will continue to do so.  But he needs money to help them.  We will continue to support civilians through the church.


Can you?  Will you help us to help the people in Ukraine?


You can donate to Ukraine here.  Every month we will send all we have received from you to the Ukrainian people to help meet their needs.  No matter how small or large, it will be gladly accepted and provide food, clothing and medication.  Every cent you donate through us will go to Ukraine to the coal face of civilian casualties.  We want to send as much as we can.  Take a moment to watch this video and see what kind of help you can bring to the people of Ukraine.


But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him?  1 John 3:17

Use the form below to donate to people of Ukraine. Write “For Ukraine” in the comments box.

Use this form for your gift to Ukraine. In the comment box, write “For Ukraine.”