Study at Your Own Pace: Our Diploma in Theology Courses Have No Start and End Dates

Complete your diploma in theology in the U.S.A., United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia within one year, depending on your circumstances. Undertake the studies for your enlightenment or as a further contribution to community, church and pastoral life.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding a Diploma in Theology Online

Develop and extend the ministry skills you gained from Certificate IV. The Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology is a prerequisite for the Advanced Diploma.
  • Missions and churches have distinct qualification requirements. Many Christian denominations and churches, however, accept our independent Bible college awards for training purposes.
  • The diploma studies will suit those who long for personal growth and students who wish to do formal Christian or ministry work. The course is appropriate for clergy readying themselves for an assistant pastoral or senior ministry level position and work unsupervised in a decision-making role while accountable to a senior minister.
  • You need to complete six units of Biblical Theology and four elective ministry skills units. We have nominated the subjects that comply with these units. You may request different topics if they fulfil the required elements to attain the accredited theology diploma.
  • Choose to receive your study material through our online training portal or request a hard copy workbook with written assignments by mail. The online portal offers comprehensive and interactive training and learning sections and various projects to determine your competency. Please view our online student user guide to get an idea of how it works. Both options offer detailed instructions.
Empower yourself to serve as a religious instructor, missionary worker, pastor, or minister in various organisations by completing this qualification.

What You Should Know About Our Graduate Diploma in Theology

The Graduate Diploma in Christian Ministry and Theology further equips individuals for senior, autonomous leadership in ministry contexts and church groups and offers a pathway to higher qualifications.
  • It will meet your needs if you wish to enter formal Christian or ministry work, are required to meet denominational qualifications or study obligations, want to move forward to a higher degree, or are engaged on a pastoral level.
  • You may consider this course if your goal is further study for personal development. You can enrol if you have a Bachelor of Theology from an accredited institution, a Graduate Certificate of Christian Ministry and Theology or equivalent in a related discipline.
  • You need to complete three units of Biblical theology (CMT) and two elective ministry skills units. These must be appropriate for department leaders and those who lead youth, men and women’s groups, subject to pastoral oversight.

About Vision Colleges

We enable you to study without being subject to high costs, going to a particular place to attend classes, a fixed timetable, or a specific curriculum. Select the subjects most relevant to your situation and study while working in your chosen field to gain practical experience. Contact us to find out more about the programs we offer.