Church Bible College

Every church should have a local Church Bible College or Ministry Training Centre, today more than ever. The need to train Christians in the word of God and prepare them for ministry has never been so great or so challenging. Setting up a training centre is no simple task. The demands on our time, conflicting priorities, preparing teaching material is demanding, these are skills that few possess, and it can be costly, yet the need to teach is mandated to the church.

Indeed, no greater responsibility is given to the church than training and equipping men and women for ministry to reach the world. At no time in our history has this need to be so urgent. Jesus himself said, “Go and make disciples!” not converts, but disciples. There is no surer way to grow your church, ease the pastoral burden, strengthen and develop the church’s ministry than to train men and women – and release them into their calling in Christ. At the same time, realise a greater satisfaction in ministry.

Vision Colleges offers a training and education ministry designed to assist churches in the task of “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, for building up the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12)”.

We recognise that every church and ministry is unique. Our role is to assist you, the local church, as you prepare leaders for service in their church and community. Our flexible delivery systems such as our Resource Centers or online programs are best suited to help you accomplish the Great Commission: teaching all nations (Matthew 18).

Not everyone wants to be a leader but many want to learn to know and understand the Word of God. Our program is equally suited to anyone who wants to know and understand the word of God as well as the developing leader.

Vision Colleges was founded to develop a dynamic training system that is faith centred, biblically sound, spiritually vibrant, strong in academic excellence, international in scope, that can be contextualised to meet the specific needs of any church or ministry.

We offer local churches and ministries like yours an opportunity to establish a high-quality in-house School of Ministry operated under local leadership with international recognition and access to the resources of Vision Colleges you are able to offer both Accredited and Non-accredited studies to suit your needs.

Rather than utilising a fixed curriculum, we offer very flexible options that allow you to tailor a training program suited to YOUR needs. With a comprehensive range of over one hundred subjects, we can tailor a program to meet your specific needs enabling you to train men and women for effective service under your authority and professional mentorship.

The local church no longer needs to send its young people or future leaders to an academic institution with curricula far removed from practical ministry and the “Vision of the House”.

Our training program makes it possible for Christian leaders, workers, and church members to complete their education and training without leaving their community, family, job, or local church! You can achieve this from your Resource Center under the tutelage and mentorship of your leadership, leaders who best know and have a keen pastoral interest in their spiritual development.

Finally, Vision partners with some wonderful ministries led by men and women of God, including:

Dr Stan DeKoven  Vision International University

Dr John Delgado  Texas University of Theology

Dr Dr Darryl Webb, Lighthouse Ministries

Dr Berin Gilfillan, Good Shepherd Ministries

Dr Patricia Hulsey, Harvest Time International Ministries

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